Francesca Dal Bello-Certified professional life coach

Welcome to Gr8fool! Coaching

Hi, I’m Francesca, founder and Coach at Gr8fool! Are you curious about creating more fulfilment and freedom in your life? Then you landed on the right page.

I am an ICF PCC qualified Coach with over 5 years and 1000 hours of coaching experience. I first qualified in 2017, through an insightful course with Mindful Talent Academy, accredited by the Association for Coaching. As a result I shifted my corporate career spanning 22 years and explored new options, turning the chosen dreams into reality!

I founded Gr8fool! and went on to many new travelling and volunteering adventures, all the while coaching, blogging and continuously learning. Most recently I completed a Neuroscience for Change course and Somatic Coaching, which I love integrating into my coaching approach.

I love supporting anyone committed to explore more too, happy to expand views and horizons; are you that person? Want to uncover your core values and how much of these you experience in your day to day? Fall in love with your uniqueness and gain more clarity and confidence to move forward towards your biggest (often secret) goals and dreams?

I am totally in awe and love with life and very passionate about helping others fall in love with theirs too. If you’re curious about how you could boost that sense of joie the vivre…

Let’s start the conversation. Drop me a message!

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How does it work..?

We chat and arrange a videocall/call, to get to know each other better and find out if we have the right connection to work together in a safe and fun space. This is key to success!

We review your vision and identify the key areas of focus you’re interested in exploring, and design a programme with a frequency of sessions that best suit.

We finally partner up, creating a solid team where you bring in your expertise in you and your life, and I bring in my expertise in coaching techniques within a safe (and hopefully enjoyable) space too.

My Gr8fool! coaching has no limits and is available to everyone: I work with younger people at schools, teens, adventure-seeking individuals looking for a shift (how big or small is all relative) and leaders/owners in the business world. Go ahead and click on this button to talk things through further.

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Beware of “side effects” …

Empowering Peace & Love

There’s a high risk of falling unconditionally in love with YOU, your life and everyone..!  From that place of love, you reach inner peace and live more compassionately and practically immune to negativity, anger and haters.

With that much Love & Peace power?  All is possible.

Dangerous levels of Positivity

Indulge in all perks of positivity!   The benefits to living more optimistically are endless. Boost your wellbeing and joy for life. Dare to be adventurous and create your dream life, fearless of negative outcomes and judgements.

Positivity is highly contagious and may have a knock-on effect, increasing happiness across the World.

Changed Perception & Clarity

Uncovering your core values and passions is key to creating a happier, more fulfilling life that is more aligned to them, giving you that precious sense of life purpose and extra clarity on your vision (not others’).

You will see things differently and as your perception changes for the better, your whole reality will too!

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