Coaching for Kids

Customised presentations and coaching programmes for schools and kids events.

Interactive sessions with exercises and stories on self-love, gratitude, compassion, resilience, playfulness and freedom.

Why Coaching for Kids

How often do you hear yourself thinking: “I wish I knew this earlier in life!”.   I am passionate about improving the well-being of kids and young people using life coaching techniques and practice, to help them:

  • understand themselves better, including the triggers to negative emotions,
  • identify positive influences and practice more gratitude,
  • manage difficult situations and anxiety,
  • set goals and make a plan to obtain them,
  • improve self-esteem, build resilience and coping mechanisms, and
  • develop a positive, healthy approach to life.

Coaching is a process that works its magic with everyone, people of all ages, but it is especially useful for kids and young people because it is action-oriented, practical and future-focused.  My coaching style includes also storytelling for inspiration, understanding of freedom and empowerment, creativity and playfulness.

I have experience of coaching classrooms through presentations of my own life, travels and adventures at Primary and Secondary schools in France and Italy, as well as Freedom Coaching as a co-curricular club in a London Secondary School.

My goal is to boost positivity, self-belief and introduce alternative ways of dealing with life to increase kids well-being and help them build strong foundations.

Would you like to discuss a programme for your kids?

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