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“Love the Life you Have while you Create the Life of your Dreams”
Hal Elrod

Find out what freedom means to you, what’s holding you back from getting more of it and how to free that powerful super-hero in you!

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Free discovery call

An opportunity to get to know each other, while you learn more about the power of coaching and we discuss your vision (no goal is ever too crazy!)

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Single Sessions

One-to-one coaching, with probing questions and exercises, mentoring and take away homework.

Single Session – Let’s Kick It !

Powerful one-to-one session

An intense session, designed to kick-off the process of positive transformation, boost your zest for life if you’re feeling a little ‘meh!’, and propel you forward towards your dream(s).

Ideal for taking that first BIG step to more freedom and fulfillment. You may know what you’re after or have no idea what you want, or the exact area you feel stuck in; this session will give you that kick up the @SS to progress with clarity, actions and smiles. You can book multiple sessions at check-out.

Change your story and discover more positive perspectives to your current situation so you can move in a better direction and find new solutions.


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Single Session – Rent a Vent !

Powerful one-to-one session

Do you find yourself complaining or ranting often? This is for you.  Vent until your outburst turns into positive insights.

Research shows that letting off steam could fuel more fire, but a healthy way to vent can help relieve anger and anxiety. Freeing yourself from bottled up emotions, saves you from exploding one day or getting into unhealthy habits to numb those feelings in other ways.

A healthy expression of all that is troubling you to feel happy and free again, so you can focus on all the other important things in your life.

A great gift for all those lovely people who love venting and often use you as a punch bag!

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Main Programmes

Weekly support and bi-weekly one-to-one coaching, mentoring and take away homework.

Programme – From “why me” to “yes me”

28 Days to a new You!

Change one Word and your World will change!

A 4-week course, including 3 transformational one-to-one sessions and weekly support that will transform the way you show up in life. You must feel adventurous enough to step out of your comfort and crash old barriers that create that feeling of not deserving (why me?), and instead step into your power and say YES ME!

Ideal if you feel stuck in area(s) that stop you from creating and living the life you want and deserve. Or you may have lost enthusiasm and need help finding an exciting new direction.

You will identify any blocking language, learn to kick limiting behaviours, and replace all of these with new happy habits that will help you reveal the super-hero within you. The one that with a simple “Yes me!”-attitude will attract all that you set your mind to.

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Programme – Fly to freedom

10-Week Support to Freedom

Master yourself and become addicted to your free life!

A 10-week course, including 6 transformational one-to-one sessions and weekly support to restore the best version of you. Free to live the best life experience.

Imagine reaching freedom as turning into a beautiful, loving bird who enjoys flying anywhere it chooses! Like in the anecdote, you will go through a process of change, unleash your uniqueness, fall in love with you and every living thing (yup!), turn-up the fun, open up to limitless opportunities and benefit from the power of choice.

In this perfect place of freedom, you will feel empowered to face any challenges and fears and grow into anything you’re prepared to be!

Uncover your inner freedom to create the best outer freedom.

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How it works

Pick a session or programme you love

Choose a single session or select the number of sessions you desire, at check-out. Or pick one the programmes designed for you. Whether you’re new to coaching or a returning client for more sessions or aftercare, there’s a perfect solution for you.

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To complete your booking and purchase, click on’ BOOK NOW’ below the chosen session / programme and you will be redirected to my shop. Fill out all the necessary details to complete your purchase. Thank you!

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Once you’ve completed the purchase or if you’ve selected your first discovery call, you’ll be able to arrange a meeting through my calendar or by emailing me on

So we can start the magic!

Frequent questions

What should I expect?

Commitment, openness, confidentiality and a fun, open space for creating positive change and results.

As an unbias professional listener, I will guide you with powerful questions, tip and fun tools, and leave you with takeaways to action and exercises to master your new way of life.

We most likely connect by video or calls, and each session lasts approx. 60mins. Sometimes we may feel you’ve accomplished your intention sooner, at other times we may go slightly over if needed.


There are two key objectives: (i) help you eliminate anything that is stopping you from having the best experience of your life, and (ii) uncover your unique freedom so you don’t have to wait to reach destination to experience joy and fulfilment.

Like love and happiness, freedom is something we need to first find within us before we can create more freedom around us. From a state of freedom and a life dominated by zest and love, all becomes possible.

When relevant and helpful to your progress, my method includes with your permission elements of mentorship from my own experiences.

Is this for me?


If you landed on this page then absolutely yes. Curiosity cures boredom, it opens new doors and leads us to our passions!

Coaching is for everyone willing to work toward positive change.  If you are playful, courageous and know how to dream big, then you sure qualify!

All programmes here are fun and popular, but even if you can’t find the right one for you, book in a free discovery call and let’s design a plan that works perfectly for you.


Having Francesca as a life coach has been a real turning point for me. 

From the very first session she helped me gain insight and clarity on what I should focus on to have the biggest impact in my life!


Empowered to seek out my dreams! Coaching with Francesca was like having someone switch the light on to all the opportunities and off to the limitations. There was a growing confidence in myself which was previously clouded with fears and doubts.


Francesca coaching is sheer fun! She is confident and experienced and you can trust her with your answers and feelings completely.

Freedom coaching can be one of the most useful and enjoyable experiences in your life!


After Care

Ad-hoc sessions to keep the momentum high!


Motivation-boost session

You got this! A supportive back-pat to help you stay on track.

Ideal if you’ve already completed a programme or you are already working on a personal target, but feel stuck in some ways. Perfect for reviewing progress and boosting motivation and progress.

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Accountability Pal

4 x Catch Ups

Weekly 20mins catch-up calls to review actions and progress.

Ideal if you have completed a programme with an action plan, or have defined your target but need a holding-hand and a “fun but firm coach” to keep the momentum and maintain high motivation to stay on track.

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Some side effects of freedom coaching…

Empowering Peace & Love

There’s a high risk of falling unconditionally in love with YOU, your life and everything and everyone..!  From that place of love, you reach inner peace and live more compassionately and practically immune to negativity, anger and haters.

With that much Love & Peace power?  All is possible.

Dangerous levels of Positivity

Indulge in all perks of positivity!   The benefits to living more optimistically are endless. Boost your wellbeing and joy for life. Dare to be adventure and create your dream life, fearless of negative outcomes and judgements.

Positivity is highly contagious and may have a knock-on effect, increasing happiness across the World.

Changed Perception & Clarity

Uncovering your core values and passions will help create a happier, more fulfilling life that is more aligned to them, giving you that precious sense of life purpose and extra clarity on your vision (not others’).

As your perception changes for the better, your whole reality will too. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

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