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For each question and scenario in this test, select the answer that you currently relate the most with.

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I wake up in the morning mostly feeling…
When they announce my train is delayed.
I have a crazy idea in mind, that I feel passionate about.
Life is good but I just wish I could do more of what I love.
Ah, that voice in my head...
Are you familiar with your limiting beliefs?
There's a place I always wanted to visit and it keeps popping up.
When did you last try doing things differently?
I used to dream of being a.....
I have a vision of the life I want for myself.
The thought of eating alone in a restaurant makes me feel...
Which one resonates the most with you?
OMG, here's an advert for my ideal job !
From 0-10, how would you rate your current level of self-love?
When people get angry and don’t treat me fairly.
Freedom to me means....

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