1 x month coaching partnership (min. 3 months)


Let’s partner-up month by month (min. 3 months)

A fantastic partnership deal to benefit from regular and ongoing coaching support. Proven to create stronger commitment and long lasting, transformative results.

For the truly “determined-to-get-there” type looking for more consistency and structure. Open to people of all ages wanting to work on any areas: educational, personal, business and/or professional.

Sign up for a minimum of 3 months, then roll over monthly for as long as you need and want. You can cancel at any point after the initial commitment.

£300 PCM

What’s included:

  • Weekly one-to-one coaching sessions online *
  • Effective coaching tools and strategies
  • Bespoke takeaways and resources
  • Personalised report and summary notes
  • Accountability and drive to meaningful actions
  • Bags of encouragement and positive vibes!

Additional benefits:

  • Freedom. * Mix up your coaching sessions to best suit you (weekly 45mins or bi-weekly 1h15m).
  • Unlimited access to me, your coach, in between sessions. We’ll walk your journey together.
  • Powerful results when committing to connect regularly for the longer term (weekly/bi-weekly).
  • Quality and value. Reap the benefits of a quality coaching journey without going broke.
  • Commitment and structure. Create consistency and put all your sessions in the diary.

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