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Rent a Vent – Life Coaching Session

Need a good listener for your ranting and complaining?  This is for you.

Vent until your outburst turns into positive insights. Learn to change your story, and create a healthier, more optimistic and successful lifestyle.

Research shows that letting off steam could fuel more fire, but a healthy way to vent can help relieve anger and anxiety. Freeing yourself from bottled up emotions saves you from exploding one day or getting into unhealthy habits to numb those feelings in other ways.

The Rent a Vent is an intense one-to-one Coaching session. A fun solution to 1. release negative vibes and 2. generate the good energy that will unleash your hidden gifts and help you grow forward. A healthy expression of all that is troubling you to feel happy and free again, so you can focus on all the other important things in your life.

A great gift for all those lovely people who love venting and often use you as a punching bag!

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