Powerful words from my amazing clients!

The transformative power of Francesca coaching is unique!

For an artist, one of the greatest challenges is to combine the pursuit of making art with everyday demands. Worry about bills, improving and marketing oneself, as well as dealing with creeping self-doubts and imposter syndrome.

Francesca helped me identify and overcome a lot of issues in such a small amount of time. Her structured guidance and no-bull**** approach was extremely beneficial. She created a safe space in which to honestly reflect upon my career and helped me draft a strategy to cope with the story I created for myself. All done in a very practical way, establishing healthy habits that trigger more positive thought-pattern.

I found particularly useful her grounding my project and ideas within a time frame and her very practical approach to problem-solving. The transformative power of her coaching is unique and it really helped me a lot when I felt stuck in a rut.

Working with Francesca was a wonderful experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


Focus on positive actions that propel me forward

Freedom coaching helped me to really identify with my chief executive role and have more belief in myself. It made me reflect on the breadth of experience and knowledge I have gained over the years and appreciate and acknowledge it.

I set some real business and personal targets for 2019. I learnt to let go of activities that don’t serve me and instead focus on positive actions that propel me forward.

I have a clearer vision for what I want to achieve this year and that’s exciting and motivating in itself.

Leigh F

A real turning point

Having Francesca as a life coach has been a real turning point for me. I met Francesca when in a transition in life and not sure of what I really wanted. From the very first session Francesca helped me gain insight and clarity on what I should focus on to have the biggest impact in my life. She coached me out of my comfort zone to achieve dreams I’d always wanted but never taken action on and probably didn’t believe were possible.

The highlight of my coaching journey was getting my art displayed. The real value of Francesca’s coaching is that she has changed the way I think about challenges in my life. Her title of freedom coach is very accurate. She helped me to feel empowered in my life which has given me freedom to take chances and set ambitious dreams and goals.


All the skills for helping others

I was wondering about new options regarding my professional life when I met Francesca. She has been more than helpful coaching me on how I should process, following my true feelings and on making my self-confidence stay put regarding this new challenge. Francesca has definitely got all the skills and competence for helping others find the best about themselves. She knows how to lead ourselves softly towards the smartest moves among all our opportunities.


Clear vision and new found confidence

I can’t thank Francesca enough for helping and most importantly guiding me through my personal and work life with a clear vision and a new found confidence. She has helped me over come mental blocks and many hurdles.
Francesca is very professional and kind-hearted, I highly recommend her.


From stuck to manically motivated!

Fran quickly took me from being completely stuck to manically motivated! Her effervescent energy, kindness and genuine desire to help you grow shines over you in such a way that you want to push yourself forwards. She helped me see through my obstacles that were keeping me stagnant, and replaced them with positive achievable goals.


I attribute much of my growth to the coaching sessions and Francesca support

After 15 years in the public service, I quit my job, packed up my life and began travelling around Australia. Two months in, I found myself struggling to make the most of my freedom. This was when I found Francesca. I was drawn to her, with a story similar to my own and her focus on personal freedom.

Leaving everything and travelling was not enough. In the four months of coaching with Francesca, we explored what it personally means for me to be free, what is important in life, and what actions I can take to fully explore and express these values. She helped me bring awareness and insight to patterns and limiting beliefs, allowing me to make different decisions.

Francesca is a beautiful human, both inside and out. She is positive, fun and insightful. I had so much fun in these sessions, and appreciated the care and empathy I was shown when I went through a difficult time. I cannot recommend Francesca highly enough as a coach. She will be your biggest cheerleader; she will deeply explore any subject with kindness and curiosity; and she will challenge you to look at things in a new way and step outside of the boundaries of your comfort zone to embrace the freedom found there. It was such a privilege to be coached by Francesca. I attribute much of my growth over the last months to her support.


I’m experiencing more freedom than I have for a long time

I would 100% recommend Gr8fool Coaching. In a world full of Life Coaches, the freedom questionnaire hooked me immediately. On completing the questionnaire, I realised that whilst my life was amazing and I was living my dream – there were a lot of elements that were not bringing me joy. I established that I was spending a lot of time doing activities that did not fulfill me and I was attaching to a number of people who did not “get” me.

With Francesca as my wonderful Coach, I have explored what freedom, joy, connection and fulfillment means to me and have taken massive steps towards the achievement of these. I have uplevelled my business, had loads of fun, been brave and am experiencing more freedom than I have for a long time.

Looking forward to working with my highly skilled Coach Francesca much more in the next decade – 2020 lets be having ya!!

Marie Claire

Empowered to seek out my dreams

I wanted to try life coaching to open my mind and manifest my best life. I didn’t know what to expect but when I started life coaching with Francesca the sessions flowed naturally and the time flew by. Francesca has a good listening ear and a great way of guiding you towards your biggest, best and wildest dreams.

I needed that guidance to think outside the box. There were things I’d written off which started to feel possible. There were ideas which came to mind I had never considered before. There was a growing confidence in myself which was previously clouded with fears or doubts. I found the tools I needed to identify when negative thinking was holding me back. I was empowered to seek out my dreams, my greatness and a road map towards all the things deep down I wanted to achieve.

Having life coaching with Francesca was like having someone switch the light on to all the opportunities and off to the limitations. I’m so glad I can see all the opportunities I hadn’t even thought of before. I highly recommend you contact Francesca to see for yourself.


Francesca’s coaching is sheer fun!

How was Francesca’s coaching? First of all, talking to Francesca is sheer fun! Second, she comes across so confident and experienced, and you can trust her with your answers and feelings completely.

“Freedom Coaching” can be one of the most useful and enjoyable experiences in your life!


Invaluable to a more fulfilling present.

Francesca is a heart-centered coach who works her magic in creating a ripple effect that expands out borderless to people and communities.

A strategic brain, a thought-provoker, an enthusiastic supporter: she knows how to bring out clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own.

Francesca has this special gift to guide you to be the best version of yourself. She helped me to think bigger and stretch beyond my boundaries. After every call I felt energized, confident and committed to my goals and happiness.  

Thank you my dear Francesca. Your dedication, positive attitude and sincerity have been invaluable in my path to a more fulfilling present!.


La giusta carica di positivita’

Con solo poche ore di coaching sto gia’ raggiungendo i miei obiettivi. Francesca e’ solare e riesce a darti la giusta carica di positivita’!


Rent a vent was fun!

I tried Rent a Vent and it was fun. It is perfect if you need a “pill” of objectivity and a healthy push to re-evaluate your perception of reality. Francesca knows how to give and say the right things you need. She is a Super Coach!


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